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Add text links in home and entertainment page navigations

Place widgets prominently on entertainment and TV pages

Link to TV showcards from your TV content
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Product Summary

TV Listings:

Add Zap2it TV listings to your site and increase the time your users spend with your brand and your advertisers. On average, Zap2it TV listings users spend 21 minutes*on the site.

Product features include:
  • Comprehensive line-ups for all broadcast, cable, and satellite providers

  • Ability to highlight program types: movies, sports, news and children's shows

  • Delivers 14 days of programming

  • Fully searchable program listings

  • ZIP and Postal Code entry

  • Links to TV detail pages

* Averages per user: 5.98 visits; 21 minutes and 22 seconds; 24 pageviews.Nielsen/NetRatings NetView Jan-Mar 2009, includes national and affiliateZap2it TV listings traffic

Product Includes

Product Specs

  • Zap2it TV data is updated twice a day

  • Standard width 780 pixels wide

  • Affiliate wrapper may contain header, footer, right rail, and optional left rail

  • French & Spanish navigation available

  • Canadian TV Listings also available